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  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Wine coolers
  • Fridges
  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Stackers
  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens
  • Stoves
  • Cooktops
  • Garburators

Why Choose Us


New Tech Appliance Repair is the main specialist co-op in Coquitlam. We fix most significant machine brands, makes and models, regardless of where you got them.


New Tech Appliance Repair gives quality fixes to assist you with expanding the helpful existence of your family unit machines without leaving the financial plan.


New Tech Appliance is one of the approved appliance fix specialist companies in Coquitlam. We have performed a large number of machine fixes on fridges, washers, dryers, ranges and more.


Our professionals are specialists who you can trust for fixes on top apparatus brands accessible in Coquitlam.


WASHER REPAIR SERVICE IN Coquitlam : 604 – 773 – 0096

If the valuable appliances at your home and business are not performing correctly, we are here to provide you with skilled, affordable services that occur on your schedule.

Are your appliances not performing correctly? Call our experts from New Tech Appliance Repair.

NewTech Appliance offers affordable appliance repair services in Coquitlam. We can fix a wide range of clothes washers including:

  • Laundry Centres Washers.
  • Top-Load Washers.
  • Stackable Washers and Dryers.
  • Front Load Washers.

Common issues faced by washers are:

We are here when you need us! Every one of our technicians in Coquitlam are courteous and will show up in uniform.

  • Machine are not filling water
  • Washer isn’t turning
  • Washing machine halting out of nowhere in the center of the cycle
  • Clothes become a similar dousing wet toward the finish of cycle
  • Loud commotion is coming from the washer at whatever point the cycle turns
  • Water is getting spilled from the base
  • Water spilling out from the entryway
  • Door of the washer seal broken
  • Washer neglects to deplete appropriately
  • Unable to open clothes washer entryway
  • Bad smell from garments
  • Washer radiates smell like elastic
  • Clothes are getting harmed
  • Error knead is acquiring in the clothes washer
  • Washer’s clock isn’t progressing

FREEZER REPAIR SERVICE IN Coquitlam: 604 – 773 – 0096

We will provide you with an upfront pricing before any work begins so there are no surprises on your final bill.

We take care of refrigeration repair services in Coquitlam Types of freezers we take care of:

  • Stand Alone Freezers.
  • Chest Freezers.
  • Upright Freezers.
  • Frost Free Freezers.

Common problems in freezer:

When appliances break, life comes to a halt. That’s why we believe in bringing peace of mind to every home in Coquitlam by making large appliance repairs accessible, no matter the budget.

  • Humming and buzzing sound coming after deforestation
  • Freezer is not getting cold enough
  • Freezer is extremely cold but not freezing
  • Ice is still there in the freezer
  • Sheet of ice on the bottom of the freezer
  • Freezer becoming too noisy
  • Lights in the freezer are not working
  • Freezer is becoming too warm
  • Water is leaking out from the freezer
  • Water leaks behind the freezer
  • Ice is not being made in the freezer
  • Freezer not working after power outage

STOVE AND RANGE REPAIR SERVICE IN Coquitlam: 604 – 773 – 0096

With New Tech Appliance Repair, you will never have to worry about 12-hour arrival windows and a messy aftermath. Our certified technicians are available and ready to chat when it’s convenient for you.

As we provide Domestic Appliance Repairs services, we can also repair all types of stove and ranges. These include:

  • Gas Stove.
  • Gas Range.
  • Electric Stove.
  • Electric Range.

Common stove and range problems we take care of:

New Tech Appliance Repair in Coquitlam offers expert home appliance repair services, maintenance services, and warranty work on most major brands – from popular models to elite labels.

  • Lots of issues in gas oven burner
  • Range burner isn’t getting warmed
  • Oven isn’t warming
  • Oven neglects to warm as indicated by the allotted temperature
  • Oven isn’t closing
  • Oven entryway isn’t opening after self-clean
  • Oven fix administrations Coquitlam
  • Oven inside light isn’t working
  • Oven is getting very hot
  • Uneven burner fire
  • Oven or burner giving drivel smell
  • Noisy surface with burner fire
  • Clicking sound coming from gas broiler guideline top
  • Gas broiler fails to ignite
  • Baking is impossible in grill
  • Oven getting overheated
  • Oven clock not working

The main top on electric oven is not turning on

  • Circles fail to warm
  • Customer can’t change the temperature of burners
  • Hurt segments on cooktop
  • Marker light isn’t turning on or off
  • Broiler is beginning when turned on
  • Glass top broken
  • Glass top broke or hurt
  • Broiler entrance glass is broken

REFRIGERATOR REPAIR SERVICE IN Coquitlam : 604 – 773 – 0096

Our highly trained, certified technicians arrive on time and provide on-the-spot repair quotes. We can help with your refrigerator, dishwasher, range, freezer, washer/dryer, and more!

We provide all types of fridge repair services in Coquitlam. These are:

  • French Door Refrigerators.
  • Stand Alone Refrigerators.
  • Top Mount Refrigerators.
  • Bottom Mount Refrigerators.
  • Side By Side Refrigerators.

Common refrigerator problems:

  • Water is spilling from the (base mount ice chest or one next to the other or top mount ice chest)
  • Fridge is neglecting to cool appropriately and making murmuring or humming sound
  • The food area in the freeze isn’t cold however the rest is cold
  • Ice develop in cooler area or ice work in ice chest segment
  • Fridge quit working after blackout
  • Control board begin blazing in the ice chest
  • Temperature continues to change in cooler and cooler segment
  • Dispenser quits working in the refrigerator
  • The condenser loop in the ice chest is excessively messy
  • Hot air is coming from the refrigerator

DRYER REPAIR SERVICE IN Coquitlam: 604 – 773 – 0096

Our technicians offer comprehensive services and trust-winning solutions with a team of caring professionals having an extensive knowledge in everything related to appliance repairing services.

We provide all types of dryer repair services in Coquitlam:

  • Front Load Dryers.
  • Top Load Dryers.
  • Stackable Washers and Dryers.

Common dryer problems:

  • Dryer isn’t warming
  • Dryer drum is turning yet at the same time neglecting to warm
  • Dryer engine is running however no warmth
  • Dryer is getting excessively hot
  • Dryer quits working
  • The control board in the dryer isn’t lifting up
  • Dryer emanating high pitch commotion
  • Dryer neglecting to dry garments appropriately
  • Dryer channel isn’t sliding in appropriately
  • Dryer runs yet close off rapidly

WINE COOLER REPAIR SERVICE IN Coquitlam – 604 – 773 – 0096

We work with homeowners throughout Coquitlam and with clients all around, our mission and our expertise is to help you till the last. Being of service and creating an environment where people can thrive is at the heart of what we do and who we are.

Common wine cooler problems:

We are honored to put our time, talent, and financial resources to the service of our community. With us, you will be able to work with an award winning team.

  • Wine cooler isn’t getting cold
  • Wine cooler isn’t working at the correct temperature
  • Wine cooler is getting loud
  • Wine cooler is getting excessively warm

DISHWASHER REPAIR SERVICE IN Coquitlam : 604 – 773 – 0096

Awards are a reflection of what truly matters to a team. In our case, we are committed in finding innovative and original solutions, thoughtfully and reliably, to meet the specific needs of every customer.

  • Double Drawer Fisher
  • Regular Dishwashers
  • Paykel Dishwashers.

Common dishwasher problems:

  • Dishwasher isn’t beginning
  • Dishwasher isn’t topping off
  • Dishwasher keeps topping off
  • Water spills from the dishwasher
  • Water isn’t emptying endlessly out of the dishwasher
  • Dishwasher entryway doesn’t hook appropriately
  • Dishwasher is excessively boisterous
  • Dishwasher neglecting to dry dishes
  • Dishwasher spills onto the floor
  • Dishwasher entryway has spill
  • Dishwasher smells unpleasant

GARBURATOR REPAIR SERVICE IN Coquitlam: 604 – 773 – 0096

We are led by honest, hard-working professionals with hands-on knowledge and an unwavering dedication to doing what’s right for our customers.

Why stand as the best for garburator problems

Our vision is to be the professional provider of comprehensive solutions and services for facilities and homes.

Common garburators problems:

  • Garburator giving humming noise
  • Garburator is not working properly
  • Garburator leaking
  • Garburator noisy
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