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New Tech Appliance Repair in New Westminster is known for offering great pricing. We have competitive pricing and offer inexpensive extended warranties.


Our technicians at New Tech Appliance Repair are trained to find solutions to problems with any kitchen appliances including stoves, fridges, freezers and more.


For all your appliance problems in New Westminster you can count on us to come up with a solution. We believe that courtesy is one of the most important tools in our belts!


If garbage disposal repair, troubleshooting and maintenance stress you out, contact New Tech Appliance Repair to set up service that fits into your schedule.


WASHER REPAIR SERVICE IN New Westminster : 604 – 773 – 0096

If any of your appliances are giving you trouble, request a repair service from New Tech Appliance Repair. Since day one, it has been our ultimate goal to be your ultimate choice for appliance repairing services.

The appliance repair services that we have become known for include refrigerator repair, washing machine repair, dryer repair, oven and stove repair, gas range repair and many.

Our professionals can quickly and safely address a number washing machine issues in New Westminster:

  • Laundry Centres Washers.
  • Top-Load Washers.
  • Stackable Washers and Dryers.
  • Front Load Washers.

Common issues faced by washers are

When an appliance gives out on you, it can be a major headache trying to rearrange your day around it. There’s no reason to wait to get it repaired. So, quickly get in touch with our experts at New Tech Appliance Repair.

  • Water is not filling up in washing machine
  • Washer fails to spin
  • Washing machine ceases in the middle of the cycle
  • Clothes become soaking wet at the end of cycle
  • Washer shouting aloud in the middle of the spin cycle
  • Washer start leaking at the bottom
  • Washer leaking at the door
  • Seal is broken
  • Washer fails to drain properly
  • Unable to open washing machine door
  • Bad odour from clothes
  • Washer emits smell like rubber
  • Clothes are insanely getting damaged in the washing machine
  • Washing machine gives error message
  • Washer’s timer is not advancing
604 – 773 – 0096

If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the technician for you. New Tech Appliance Repair is still among the highest rated companies in New Westminster.

Types of freezers we take care of:

  • Stand Alone Freezers.
  • Chest Freezers.
  • Upright Freezers.
  • Frost Free Freezers.

Common problems in freezer:

The quality of the work is what we hold in highest regard. This is what our high-standing reputation has been built on in home appliance repair and it is this same reputation that we put on the line with each service call we take.

  • Sound is coming even after getting defrosted
  • Freezer is not getting cold enough
  • Freezer is too much cold but not freezing
  • Ice accumulation in the freezer
  • Sheet of ice getting accumulated at the bottom of the freezer
  • Freezer giving loud noise to make others deaf
  • Freezer lights are not working
  • Freezer is becoming too hot
  • Water leaks inside the freezer
  • Freezer is leaking from the back of the door
  • Freezer fails to make ice
  • Freezer not working after power outage

STOVE AND RANGE REPAIR SERVICE IN New Westminster: 604 – 773 – 0096

Repairers from New Tech Appliance Repair offer quick and affordable service when it comes to home appliance repairing. Let one of our highly skilled technicians take care of the rest. Don’t get caught up in the frustration as each repair is covered by complete satisfaction guarantee.

We repair all types of stove and ranges. These include:

  • Gas Stove.
  • Gas Range.
  • Electric Stove.
  • Electric Range.

Common stove and range problems we take care of:

We always maintain a high level of inventory ensuring that whatever part you need, the technician has. We send each of our technicians out with an expanded selection of parts to draw from.

  • Various problems with stove gas burner
  • Range burner is not heating
  • Oven stopped being heated
  • Oven fails to heat according to the assigned temperature
  • Oven door is not closing
  • Oven door is not opening after self-clean
  • Oven interior light is no more working
  • Oven is getting too hot
  • Uneven burner fire
  • Oven or burner giving bad smell
  • Burner flame is so loud
  • Clicking sound coming from gas stove main top
  • Gas stove fails to ignite
  • Baking isn’t possible
  • Oven becoming overheated
  • Oven clock stopped working

The main top on electric oven is not turning on :

  • Coils failing to heat
  • User is not able to adjust the temperature of burners
  • Damaged elements on cooktop
  • Indicator light is not turning on or off
  • Stove is sparking when turned on
  • Glass top broken
  • Glass top cracked or damaged
  • Stove door glass is broken

REFRIGERATOR REPAIR SERVICE IN New Westminster: 604 – 773 – 0096

If our technicians ever need to order a part for you, we do our best to ensure next-day delivery.

We repair all types of fridges and freezers. These are:

  • French Door Refrigerators.
  • Stand Alone Refrigerators.
  • Top Mount Refrigerators.
  • Bottom Mount Refrigerators.
  • Side By Side Refrigerators.

Common problems faced by refrigerator:

  • Water is leaking from the bottom (bottom mount fridge or side by side or top mount fridge)
  • Fridge is unable to cool properly and making humming or buzzing sound
  • The food section is not cold but the rest is chilling cold
  • Ice build-up section or ice build in fridge section
  • Fridge stopped working after power outage
  • Control panel suddenly starts flashing and making you blind
  • Temperature keeps fluctuating in freezer and freezer section
  • Dispenser is not working
  • The condenser coil have become dirty
  • Hot air is coming from the fridge

DRYER REPAIR SERVICE IN New Westminster: 604 – 773 – 0096

We have a great passion for our work and our willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that the customer is always left with a smile on their face.

We repair all types of dryers:

  • Front Load Dryers.
  • Top Load Dryers.
  • Stackable Washers and Dryers.

Common dryer problems:

  • Dryer have stopped heating
  • Dryer drum is spinning but still failing to heat
  • Dryer motor is running but where is the heat
  • Dryer is becoming too hot
  • Dryer is dead
  • The control panel in the dryer is not lifting up
  • Dryer emitting high pitch noise
  • Dryer failing to dry clothes properly
  • Dryer filter is not sliding in properly
  • Dryer runs but shuts off quickly

WINE COOLER REPAIR SERVICE IN New Westminster – 604 – 773 – 0096

New Tech Appliance Repair will get the repairs done quickly, providing you with same-day service at no extra charge. Most problems can be taken care of in a single visit and if it cannot, we will do our best to wrap up work as quickly as we can.

Common wine cooler problems:

New Tech Appliance Repair continues to boast an impressive service record with multiple benefits and a full warranty with repair. We have fully certified and licensed technicians for the client’s needs.

  • Wine cooler is not becoming cold
  • Wine cooler is not operating at the right temperature
  • Wine cooler is becoming noisy
  • Wine cooler is becoming too warm

DISHWASHER REPAIR SERVICE IN New Westminster: 604 – 773 – 0096

New Tech Appliance Repair offers an effortless repair experience for the home appliances in your home. Our technicians are trained to handle all types and makes of dishwashers available in New Westminster.

We repair all types of dishwashers:

  • Double Drawer Fisher
  • Regular Dishwashers
  • Paykel Dishwashers.

Common dishwasher problems:

  • Dishwasher is not starting
  • Dishwasher is not filling up
  • Dishwasher continues filling up
  • Water leaks from the dishwasher
  • Water is not draining away from the dishwasher
  • Dishwasher door doesn’t latch properly
  • Dishwasher is too noisy
  • Dishwasher failing to dry dishes
  • Dishwasher leaks onto the floor
  • Dishwasher door has leak
  • Dishwasher smells bad

GARBURATOR REPAIR SERVICE IN New Westminster: 604 – 773 – 0096

New Tech Appliance Repair’s expert service technicians are ready to help with repairs of your dryer, stove, cooktop, or range. We are known for providing cost-effective solutions to all your electrical appliance repair needs at affordable prices.

Why we stand as the best?

Our technicians are here when you need us. We have flexible appointment options and we can even make exceptions for special circumstances.

Common garburators problems:

  • Garburator giving humming noise
  • Garburator is not working properly
  • Garburator leaking
  • Garburator noisy
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