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I am happy with their service and right diagnosis and fixing the problem. I had experience with Amin who is very professional, efficient, also offers reasonable price compare to the others. I would definitely call them again.
Zee Var

Looked at all the positive reviews from Newtech Appliances and booked a service call today for our dryer. Amin was great, on time, and transparent on what the issues were. Replaced the issue on our dryer as the heat sensors were not functioning. Thanks again for the great service!
Dave Yang

I contacted Newtech and noted that my tenant had a issue with the fridge/freezer, which was not getting cold enough. The technician arrived earlier than expected, fixed the problem, and at a very reasonable rate. As a small business owner myself, and as a landlord, this type of service, and overall professionalism, is greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Newtech, to anyone with any appliance issues. Thank You Newteck.

Vaughn Manley

Read Our Customer Reviews on Google, 100+ Reviews